Intel Firmware Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities

Several vulnerabilities were discovered in Intel Management Engine (ME), Intel Server Platform Services (SPS), and Intel Trusted Execution Engine (TXE). The vulnerabilities were discovered as a result of an in-house security review of the products in question and input from external researchers. The vulnerabilities are mostly buffer overflows leading to arbitrary code execution and privilege … Continue reading “Intel Firmware Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities”

CVE-2017-5689: Intel Elevation Of Privilege Vulnerability

An Elevation of privilege vulnerability in Intel’s Management solutions,  was confirmed by Intel who released INTEL-SA-00075 for the same. The vulnerability can allow an unprivileged attacker to take over the management features. This vulnerability is assigned ID CVE-2017-5689, it rated as critical for affected targets. It is important to note that this bug does not affect … Continue reading “CVE-2017-5689: Intel Elevation Of Privilege Vulnerability”