Amnesia:33 – Multiple Vulnerabilities in Open-Source TCP/IP Stacks

AMNESIA:33 is a study published by Forescout Research Labs under Project Memoria. The study consists of a report on 33 new vulnerabilities found in TCP/IP stacks used by multiple IoT, OT and IT device vendors. AMNESIA:33 affects multiple open-source TCP/IP stacks, which means a single vulnerability tends to spread easily and silently across multiple codebases, … Continue reading “Amnesia:33 – Multiple Vulnerabilities in Open-Source TCP/IP Stacks”

BlueBorne: Bluetooth Attack Vector

A new attack vector called ‘BlueBorne‘ has been discovered. The name is a play on the word ‘airborne’ as it allows attackers to take over devices on air-gapped networks. This attack was disclosed by Armis Lab. The vulnerabilities exploited by this attack affects Android, Linux, Windows, and iOS version less than 10. Targets can be compromised regardless of the … Continue reading “BlueBorne: Bluetooth Attack Vector”