Adobe Reader Double Free Vulnerability : CVE-2018-4990

A double free vulnerability in Adobe Reader was disclosed. CVE-2018-4990 has been assigned to track this vulnerability. Upon successful exploitation an attacker can achieve arbitrary code execution. The vulnerability has been exploited in the wild via crafted pdf document. Adobe has released APSB18-09 to address this vulnerability. Please check the advisory for the list of affected … Continue reading “Adobe Reader Double Free Vulnerability : CVE-2018-4990”

Shell Code Analysis for The Active Firefox Tor Attack

On November 29, an exploit code against TorBrowser was published. It is reported that Firefox and TorBrowser are under active attack for this vulnerability. This blog explains what the attackers are trying to do on their victim’s machine (shell code) and the techniques used under the hood. Get The Shell Code Ready Shell code is … Continue reading “Shell Code Analysis for The Active Firefox Tor Attack”