Sundown Exploit Kit Attacking Microsoft Edge Browser

The Sundown Exploit Kit that first came to light in mid 2016, appears to be under aggressive development. The exploit-kit is actively attacking the Edge Browser from Microsoft shipped with Windows 10. Specifically, the exploit-kit is targeting CVE-2016-7200 and CVE-2016-7201 which Microsoft fixed with update MS16-129, released on Patch Tuesday in the month of November. The vulnerability … Continue reading “Sundown Exploit Kit Attacking Microsoft Edge Browser”

Sundown Exploit Kit and The EITEST Campaign

Abstract: After the vanishing of Angler and Neutrino Exploit kits (EK), the underground cyber world of EK was left with only one major player with Rig EK. Pseudo-Darkleech and EITEST, the two most popular website compromise campaigns, both redirected their victims to Rig EK. However, a few days back, our systems recently detected a major … Continue reading “Sundown Exploit Kit and The EITEST Campaign”