KAIXIN Exploit Kit Update

KaiXin exploit kit (EK) was first identified in August 2012 by Kahu Security.  We believe this exploit kit is written by a Chinese hacker. The word KaiXin means “Happy” In Chinese. Here is the latest research for this exploit kit.  


Targeted Operating System:

The KaiXin exploit kit is actively targeting Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.


The function “Capabilities.os.toLowerCase();” returns the operating systems and disregards the service pack. For example Windows Vista SP1 will return “windows vista”.  The targeted operating system contains a lot of unsupported operating systems.


Targeted Operating System Language:
The exploit kit is targeting multiple language build of Windows Operating system and customize the exploit by each language region.


Flash vulnerabilities exploited

Multiple Adobe Flash vulnerabilities were identified.




There is no sign that the KaiXin exploit kit is exploiting the latest Adobe Flash vulnerability – CVE-2016-4117.

Mainly because the exploit kit is targeting the outdated and unsupported operating systems.


As you can see the KaiXin exploit kit is actively targeting many out of date Windows operating systems in multiple languages.

The longer you stay with out of date and unsupported products, the higher the chance you have of becoming a victim of cyber-crime.

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