MacOS Catalina memory leakage vulnerability (CVE-2020-3847)


This time an out-of-bounds read vulnerability was observed in in macOS Catalina 10.15.3. that leads to memory leakage vulnerability.


The Vulnerability involved in this exploit is in the processing code of SDP (Service Discovery Protocol) data frames. This section briefly introduces the SDP frame, as follows:

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The first byte PDU field indicates the SDP request or response message. PDU = 2/4/6 indicates SDP Request, and PDU = 0/1/3/5 indicates SDP Response. The Parameter Length field indicates the length of the payload. You can use wireshark to capture and analyze the packets as follows:

Image Source: 360

Out-of-bounds read exits in the (PDU=4) of function [SDPServerConnection handleServiceAttributeRequest:length:transactionID:] as CVE-2020-3847.

Affected Products:

macOS Catalina prior to 10.15.3



Apple has updated the patch and released for CVE-2020-3847.

Qualys customers can scan their network with QID(s)# 372361 to detect vulnerable assets. Kindly continue to follow on Qualys Threat Protection for more coverage on vulnerabilities.

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