QNAP Pre-Auth Root RCE Vulnerability(CVE-2019-7192,CVE-2019-7193,CVE-2019-7194,CVE-2019-7195)


In 2019, multiple vulnerabilities had discovered for QNAP PhotoStation and CGI programs. These vulnerabilities can be chained into a pre-auth root Remote Code Execution.

More than 450K devices using QNAP PhotoStation and CGI programs are vulnerable to attack.

Vulnerability 1: Pre-Auth Local File Disclosure

Vulnerable code present in following function,

After execution of exportfile function, it provides data present in $source_file.  By controlling this parameter, we can read any file. This can be achieved, as suffix of source_file is controlled by GET/POST request parameter filename.

To reach this vulnerable function, we have to first bypass the check CHECK_ACCESS_CODE.


  • send following POST request to create album,

    Image Source: Medium
  • Received a response with created album id
    Image Source: Medium
  • Now send following GET request with album id.Image Source: MediumAccess code will be found in received response,
    Image Source: Medium

At this point we have successfully bypass CHECK_ACCESS_CODE. Now send POST request to video.php page with parameter created album id and access code.
Image Source: Medium

Without authentication, we can read password file.

Vulnerability 2 : Authenticated Session Tampering — Writing PHP Code to Session

Vulnerability occurs due to an improper filtering in the email string. By setting sender parameter to <?=`$_POST[c]`?>@evil.com, an authenticated attacker can inject arbitrary PHP code into the session.

Image Source: Medium

Vulnerability 3 : Writing Session to Arbitrary Location 

Unauthenticated attacker can write session content to arbitrary location on the server. Send following POST request with cookie QMS_SID.

Image Source: Medium

Session will be written into the file specify in Cookie.

Affected version:


  • QTS 4.4.1: Before build 20190918
  • QTS 4.3.6: Before build 20190919

Photo Station:

  • QTS 4.4.1: Photo Station before 6.0.3
  • QTS 4.3.4 – QTS 4.4.0: Photo Station before 5.7.10
  • QTS 4.3.0 – QTS 4.3.3: Photo Station before 5.4.9
  • QTS 4.2.6: Photo Station before 5.2.11

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