Linux Kernel Use-After-Free Vulnerability

Description: A kernel use-after-free vulnerability was identified in the XFRM netlink subsystem.There is an out-of-bounds array access in __xfrm_policy_unlink, which causes denial of service, because verify_newpolicy_info in net/xfrm/xfrm_user.c mishandles directory validation. This vulnerability also leads to local privilege escalation.This issue was assigned under CVE-2019-15666. For more details about the vulnerability please visit here. Affected Products: … Continue reading “Linux Kernel Use-After-Free Vulnerability”

Out-of-Order Execution Side-Channel attack [Spectre/Meltdown]

A flaw in Out-of-Order execution mechanism allows user level programs to leak addresses of kernel and process memory space. This vulnerability can be exploited to bypass KASLR as well as CPU security features like SMAP,SMEP,NX and PXN. It can be exploited to bypass¬†OS process isolation. The issue affects processors from Intel, AMD ,ARM, Samsung and … Continue reading “Out-of-Order Execution Side-Channel attack [Spectre/Meltdown]”