Microsoft Office Memory Corruption Vulnerability: CVE-2018-0802

A stack overflow vulnerability in “Microsoft Equation Editor” was disclosed to Microsoft. This vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2018-0802. A similar vulnerability was disclosed in the same component in August 2017 – CVE-2017-11882 which overflowed the stack and was able to execute commands by calling the WinExec() within the EQNEDT32.EXE code base using a static address. CVE-2018-0802 follows a similar … Continue reading “Microsoft Office Memory Corruption Vulnerability: CVE-2018-0802”

Microsoft Office Memory Corruption Vulnerability : CVE-2017-11882

In the month of August a buffer overflow vulnerability was discovered in the in the “Microsoft Equation Editor”, the vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2017-11882. As the name suggests it is used for inserting and editing equations MS Office documents. The component in question was compiled without SafeSEH,NX,DEP,ASLR,CFG. All of which protect the machine from a wide … Continue reading “Microsoft Office Memory Corruption Vulnerability : CVE-2017-11882”