PASSFREELY: Bypassing Oracle Database Authentication (ShadowBrokers)

The ShadowBrokers group recently released an archive of exploits, tools and utilities used by NSA to compromise various Windows servers and Oracle databases. We started investigating further into database archives to find out some interesting tools and exploits. This archive contains a tool called PASSFREELY that can be used to bypass Oracle Database authentication. This tool patches the Oracle … Continue reading “PASSFREELY: Bypassing Oracle Database Authentication (ShadowBrokers)”

FortiGate Shadow Brokers Exploit – CVE-2016-6909

Abstract: You may have heard that recently a group known as “Shadow Brokers” released what are said to be a bunch of exploits and tools written and used by the NSA. The dump contains a set of exploits, implants and tools for hacking firewalls (“Firewall Operations”). One of the tools from the Shadow Brokers leak … Continue reading “FortiGate Shadow Brokers Exploit – CVE-2016-6909”