Windows local vulnerability being exploited

Microsoft acknowledged in its September Patch Tuesday release that CVE-2015-2546 is being exploited for local privilege escalation in the wild. The vulnerability is present in all versions of Windows and is addressed in MS15-097. Our RTI for QID: 91094 is set to: ActivelyAttacked.

2nd Flash 0-day found in Angler Exploit Kit

Trend Micro confirms in their analysis that the Flash Vulnerability CVE-2015-0311 is present in the Angler Exploit Kit. The RTI for QID: 123181 is now: 0-day, ExploitPack

2nd Flash 0-day

Adobe has acknowledged in APSA15-01 the existence of attacks in the wild against an Adobe Flash vulnerability (CVE-2015-0311). Our RTI for QID: 123181 is set to: 0-day.

Adobe Flash 0-day in Angler

Security Researcher Kafeine has detected a new attack against an Adobe Flash vulnerability (CVE-2015-0310) deployed in the Exploit Kit Angler and documented its function on January 21. Adobe has it addressed in APSB15-02 on January 22. Our RTI for QID: 123187 is set to: ExploitPack.